About The Brand



Ryan Christian Jewelry embodies a modern, authentic lifestyle. We champion people who do things differently - because we do, too.


We believe in following your own compass, listening to your soul, and crafting your image to reflect your true self.


Original design, slow craft, and a global outlook are our hallmarks. Handcrafted in Bali, the relaxed, open nature of the island soaks into our jewelry.



Ryan Christian Jewelry provides a distinctive accent, a moment of personality and luxury. 


We embrace the power of jewelry to set and change the mood. To elevate a casual look or disrupt a polished ensemble. Each piece blends bold style with a detailed finish, effortlessly making a statement.


Designed for the realities of life and travel, our pieces are crafted only in solid sterling silver and gold. Wearing beautifully, they slowly build in character and history as they travel with you.



Our jewelry feels substantial, but the work behind it is intricate. Each piece is handcrafted in Bali using traditional tools and techniques. 


Individual links are hammered, soldered, and polished, hand-formed into jewelry. In our workshop, skilled artisans transform heritage craft into contemporary designs.


Made to wear and last, Ryan Christian Jewelry becomes a constant presence on your person, your companion on the road.


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11035 Lavender Hill Dr. 
Ste 160-379
Las Vegas, Nevada 89135