Ryan Christian X Sungai Watch Earth Day 2022


Today is Earth day and here at Ryan Christian, we want to give back to our wonderful planet. That's why we'll be donating a portion of sales made from today until the end of April to a fantastic organization right here in Bali called Sungai Watch.


Sungai Watch is on a mission to clean up the beautiful island of Bali by cleaning up the plastic and waste in its rivers, thereby preventing this pollution from reaching the ocean.


They do this by putting up special barriers that catch and hold the trash and prevent it from flowing to the sea. The result? A cleaner, more pristine island where nature can thrive. Awesome, right? You can help support this amazing cause simply by buying from Ryan Christian this April. If you have your eye on one of our exquisite pieces, now is the time to act. Hit the button below now to start shopping and we'll give a portion of your money to Sungai Watch. The stunning spiritual oasis that is Bali will be all the better for it!

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