How Silver Jewelry Has Become 2024’s Biggest Unisex Jewelry Trend

Rise up silver jewelry fans. Now is your time. After years of gold jewelry dominating trends, there’s a seismic shift happening in the jewelry world. Celebrities, designers, and influencers are switching to silver. It’s re-emerged as the go-to metal, signaling a return to a timeless and more wearable metal choice. 

Time to reach back into your jewelry box or start investing in artisan jewelry with hero pieces. A sterling silver bracelet is an easy way to start experimenting with this movement to see just how wearable silver jewelry can be. If you’re looking for a timeless alternative to the dopamine dressing trend of recent seasons, you’ll feel right at home with silver jewelry.

We’re exploring one of the biggest jewelry trends for 2024 and our top picks for unisex bracelets to add to your jewelry rotation.


The Return of 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry

Whether it’s stackable rings or artisan jewelry, 925 sterling silver is everywhere you look. Like every timeless trend, silver jewelry is having its moment in the sun. The return of silver jewelry as the main metal choice signals the wider focus on minimalistic designs and investing in quality pieces as more people become aware of the dangers of fast fashion. 

925 sterling silver jewelry offers longevity and versatility that most gold jewelry at an attainable price point doesn’t provide. Although more minimalistic, sterling silver men’s jewelry isn’t afraid to experiment with bold silhouettes to create structural pieces. Most of the jewelry at the 2024 Fashion Weeks across the world featured statement silver jewelry, alongside more minimalistic unisex jewelry. 

Sterling silver jewelry is also on the rise as people start to invest in their jewelry, searching for artisan jewelry brands that create handcrafted silver jewelry. At Ryan Christian, we’re redefining luxury with expert craftsmanship and premium materials to create hero pieces that feel authentic for your journey. 

Most silver jewelry focuses on creating sleek lines, adopting timeless silhouettes, and choosing simplicity over ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ trends. These clean designs spotlight the wearability and universal appeal of sterling silver jewelry, from stackable silver rings to a men’s 925 sterling silver chain.

Find Your Sterling Bracelet Hero Piece

Not sure where to start on your journey with 925 sterling silver jewelry? Discover a silver bracelet that can act as your hero piece. You can wear it solo, stack it with other trending bracelets, or style it with your signature watch. You hero piece will become your jewelry staple that can seamlessly transition any outfit from day to night, elevate casual looks, and add a polished finish to your workwear. 

At Ryan Christian, our silver bracelets have something to offer every aesthetic, from minimalistic to bold silhouettes. Our "Essence" Byzantine Bracelet embraces timeless luxury with a sleek design and intricate Byzantine detailing for a look of understated elegance. Wear it solo or stack with our "Penida" Bracelet, a 925 sterling silver statement bracelet inspired by the untamed elegance of Pendia Island. 

Choose a hero piece that will stand the test of time with our "Arcane" Byzantine Bracelet, which blends contemporary shapes with intricate designs influenced by ancient cultures. If you want a statement piece, look no further than the "Kalon" Kartika Weave Bracelet, handcrafted using artisan Balinese jewelry-making techniques.

Shop Artisan Handcrafted 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry

Add a flash of sterling silver to your daily jewelry rotation by shopping our 925 sterling silver bracelets. Looking for more unisex jewelry inspiration? Explore all our sterling silver jewelry collections to find your signature pieces.

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