What's So Special About Bali Jewelry?

Art Inspired from Nature

Jewelry comes from all over the world, but what do you really know about Bali besides beaches, temples, and holiday getaways? In this post, we’ll be going a little deeper to find out what makes Bali Jewelry so unique. 

Bali the Island of Gods

Bali has been a tourist destination for decades. Previously frequented as a top surf spot and retirement getaway, Bali has a rich culture that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Known as the Island of Gods due to its rich Hindu traditions. Many will say that the land is filled with spiritual energy, and that can be seen through the rituals found throughout the Island.

This small Island in Indonesia has seen tremendous attention from the growth of social media platforms like Instagram. One part of the culture that is often overlooked is the Balinese Art and Jewelry. 

What Makes Bali Jewelry Unique? 

Jewelry making has been part of the Balinese culture for centuries. Beauty is as important to the Balinese as many of their art is viewed as a gift to the Gods. The craftsmanship found on the island is considered unique, high quality, and with an intense attention to detail. 

Bali Silver is usually made using Sterling Silver. Jewelry in Bali cannot be mass produced like jewelry found in other parts of the world. There are a limited amount of Silversmiths that posses the skills needed to create top quality jewelry and therefore, pieces usually take longer to make. Many of the skills were passed down through generations in the family. 

Balinese Jewelry takes inspiration from the islands’ abundance of Nature. Each piece produced is unique and no two will be exactly the same due to its handmade nature. 

What makes a great piece VS Bali Silver Counterfeits

When shopping for jewelry, the options are endless. You can go to a mall kiosk, high end designer store, or even go online and shop on Ebay. What makes certain Bali Jewelry higher quality than others? With its unique style and increasing popularity, there has been a ton of sellers trying to replicate the jewelry. 

It’s cheaper to mass produce jewelry using machines, or from other places in the world like India and China. The problem is that these pieces are often of much lower quality. Sometimes, brands may not even be using Sterling Silver. It may look ok in pictures but when tested, many are below the quality of real Bali Sterling Silver. If you want to learn more about Sterling Silver, please check out our article found here.

The Bottom Line

Bali Jewelry is some of the most unique in the world. With its nature inspired design and craftsmanship, every piece will be a conversation starter. However, not all are created equal. Often, we get messages asking, if I book a flight to Bali, can I get jewelry for cheap? The answer would be yes and no. There are lots of sellers in Bali who will offer jewelry. Plenty of times however, tourists will miss out on top quality and the prices in touristy areas will be just as much as buying from a reputable store in your home country. 

Here at Ryan Christian, we own our entire process. Our workshop is run as a family. We don’t have a very large team because we want to maintain an extremely high standard of craftsmanship on each piece we create. Our goal is to provide the most quality and value to you directly. If you’re interested in seeing some of our designs, please click here!


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    I love the Bali collection it is one of the most prettiest jewelry I’ve ever seen the quality is very well-made and I will continue wearing this

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    How secure is the push button clasp?What is the most secure way to purchase?

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    Do you do rings?

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