Ring Stacking Guide: Building a Signature Sterling Silver Ring Stack

Jewelry is the ultimate form of self-expression. It’s a way to inject a little of your personality into any outfit. 925 sterling silver rings are signature pieces you can wear on rotation or stack together. Whether you’re a minimalist or maximalist at heart, ring stacking offers something for everyone. Wearing multiple rings allows you to experiment with new styles, from signet rings to Cuban link rings. 

Ring stacking is one of the most popular unisex jewelry trends. You can’t scroll through social media without seeing influencers and celebrities showing off their latest ring stacks. 

New to the world of silver stackable rings or are looking for new sterling silver rings? Our in-depth ring guide covers everything you need to know about stackable rings. 

What is Ring Stacking?

Ring stacking is one of those 90s jewelry trends that never really went away. Synonymous with rock and roll, this trend is one of the easiest ways to change up your everyday look. It involves wearing different rings on one or multiple fingers and layering them together to create different looks. 

There are no hard or fast rules with rings for stacking. If you’re a fan of 925 sterling silver jewelry, you can stick to one metal. If you prefer unisex rings, understated designs make for easy stacking. 

Ring stacking is one of the biggest jewelry trends of 2024 and a great way to rotate through your jewelry box. The most common type of stackable rings are wedding and engagement rings – two rings designed to fit smoothly on top of each other. However, you can stack almost any rings together, so long as they fit together.

Pro-tip for ring stacking: Protect your silver stackable rings by avoiding layering styles that rub together. Your rings should sit flush to avoid leaving scratches. Ring stacking can take a little trial and error. Move your men’s sterling silver rings between different fingers and swap out rings to find ones that aesthetically work together. 

How to Choose Rings for Stacking

While there’s a limit to how many sterling silver chains and bracelets you can wear, the same isn’t true for ring stacking. Depending on the size of rings you like, you could wear anywhere from 5 to 10 rings across both hands. 

It all depends on which stackable rings you choose. Some 925 sterling silver rings will stack together better than others. Ideally, the bands should lay flat against each other and not scratch.

We’re sharing four of our top ring stacker tips to help you find your signature silver ring stack. 

1. Mix and Match Unisex Rings

    The best ring stacks are the ones that incorporate unisex rings with different styles and textures. While you can stack similar rings together, it’s a good idea to have at least one different style. If you’re a minimalist, focus on the finer details and how they can create contrast between your rings.

    Many of our sterling silver bands feature intricate handcrafted detailing that becomes even more apparent when stacked together. Try our Hybrid 4mm Ring and Byzantine 4mm Ring layered together for an easy go-to ring stack. 

    2. Strive for Balance

    Once you start stacking rings, it’s easy to get carried away. If men’s sterling silver rings are your go-to jewelry choice, it’s tempting to start stacking them all together. Balance is the secret to nailing the ring stacking trend. 

    Leave at least one finger bare for a little breathing space. Most people prefer to leave their thumb or pinky empty. When starting with ring stacking, add rings to an odd number of fingers across both your hands to get the right balance. 

    3. Choose a Focal Point

    Every ring stack needs a hero piece. It’s usually a chunky ring or a silver stackable ring with a stone. Our Aman Ring is a handcrafted unisex ring ideal for wearing solo or stacking with a smaller band, like our Luxe 4mm Ring

    You can wear your focal ring on one finger and stack other rings on a different finger. Alternatively, you can stack another ring with your focal piece. It’s all about creating balance with the ring stacker trend. Always consider the height and width you create by layering 925 sterling silver rings together.

    4. Experiment with Different Rings That Stack

    Ring stacking is all about experimentation. You’ll find plenty of ring stacking inspiration on our Instagram or by scrolling through Pinterest. Play around with contrasting styles, move rings between different fingers and try multiple styles together. There are no rules for ring stacking. That’s the beauty of this gender-neutral jewelry trend. 

    Styling Tips for Wearing Silver Stackable Rings

    925 sterling silver jewelry is one of the best options for stacking. Our artisan jewelry is inspired by timeless trends and crafted to last a lifetime, becoming a signature piece. Gender-neutral jewelry is all about finding what works for you. We’re sharing four different tips for styling stackable rings to show you how versatile the trend is. 

    1. Create Contrast with Statement Rings

    We all have that sterling silver ring in our collection that we think is too flashy for everyday wear. One of the perks of ringing stacking is that it can make statement rings more wearable by creating a textured look. Choose no more than two statement rings and create contrast with more understated rings, like our Cable 4mm Ring

    2. Don’t Be Afraid to Mixed Metals

    Ring stacking is an easy way to transition to sterling silver jewelry and keep your gold pieces in rotation. A mixed metal ring stack is one of the most popular options. Stack your rings with alternating metals to balance silver and gold together. 

    3. Minimalism vs. Maximalism 

    The best ring stack is one that feels authentic for your style. It’s one of the few jewelry trends where both minimalists and maximalists can have fun. You can create a ring stack with as little as two rings. If you’re a maximalist, you can stack as many as you want and experiment with different metals, textures, and finishes. 

    Create Your Signature Ring Stack

    Ring stacking is all about incorporating your personality into your look. It’s one of the best ways to keep your jewelry in rotation and appreciate every piece in your jewelry box.

    Now it's your turn to experiment. Shop our collection of stackable rings for women and men to create your signature ring stack.